About Adquisitio

As you know, the price of a product on Amazon is constantly changing, like a stock market price. For this reason, our robots crawl over 700.000 products per hour in order to detect any price variation.

Adquisitio —from Latin adquisitio, adquisitionis: acquisition— is a website dedicated to providing you with a set of unique and efficient cutting edge IT tools, and our purpose is to help you save money when shopping at Amazon.

How can Adquisitio help me?

  • We identify products that have dropped sharply in price recently.
  • We detect products that have reached their lowest price.
  • We can notify you via email when a specific product matches the price you set.
  • We compare the price of every item on every international Amazon site simultaneously.
  • We analyze the historical evolution of the price of every product, just to determine if we have a really good deal in our hands, good enough to buy.

How do I use Adquisitio?

  1. Browsing per product category, you will find:
    • Products with the greatest price drops in the last 24 hours.
    • Items currently at his lowest price.
    • Filler items to reach FREE super saver delivery.
    • The list of bestsellers in that category.
    • A configurable discount search.
  2. Examining the tab for each product you can:
    • See the real-time price of the product in all Amazon international sites.
    • Subscribe a free email alert service to notify you when the product hits the price you want.
    • Examine the historical evolution of the price.
    • See the historical positions in the bestseller lists.
  3. Using the search engine:
    • Located in the upper right of every page. Look for any text that may contain the title, description, manufacturer and / or model number, etc., or also the ASIN, EAN, MPN, SKU...

Smart shopping: easily locate opportunities, discounts and bargains with Adquisitio.

No advertising. Adquisitio is funded through the Amazon affiliate program at no cost to you.

Thank you for trusting us,

The Adquisitio team